Our People


Warren Brookbanks  

Professor Warren Brookbanks is a Professor of Criminal Law and Justice Studies and Director of the Centre for Non-Adversarial Justice at AUT Law School. He has authored and co-authored leading textbooks in criminal law, mental health law and fitness to plead and has co-edited texts on criminal justice and forensic psychiatry and law. He is also a contributing author and an update author for New Zealand’s leading practitioners’ texts on criminal law and incapacity law. In addition to his teaching and other academic responsibilities he is involved in professional consultation and in recent years has undertaken research for various government departments in New Zealand and abroad, including the New Zealand, English and Scottish Law Commissions, the New Zealand Ministry of Health and the former Mental Health Commission. He was a founding Trustee of the Odyssey House Trust (NZ), a former President of the Australia and New Zealand Association of Psychiatry, Psychology and Law(ANZAPPL) and is currently chair of the Oakley Mental Health Foundation Trust Board.

Kris Gledhill

Professor Kris Gledhill is the Deputy Director of the Centre. After a career as a barrister in London, arguing appellate points in English courts and the European Court of Human Rights, and sitting as a Tribunal judge on mental health cases in England, he moved into academia a decade ago. He joined AUT in March 2016, where he teaches criminal law, clinical legal education and international human rights law.  He has written several books in a range of areas and published many academic articles and book chapters. He is the Editor–in–Chief for the International Journal of Mental Health and Capacity Law and is General Editor of the New Zealand Criminal Law Review.


Khylee Quince

Alison Cleland

Deborah Manning

Kate Diesfeld

Gaye Greenwood